This inland nation is an unlikely place to observe that the influence and importance of the Water Mole extends far beyond the Water Districts (both salt and fresh water). Nevertheless, in the capital city of Thermopolis, one can see artistic motifs everywhere that are clearly inspired by the adaptive scales on the neck and throat of the Water Mole. These distinctive scales are extremely tough—they have been known to stop a fireax—and protect the glands that secrete the fluid which soon hardens into the wall of the tunnels. The scales are actually made of hair and often become matted by the molar fluid. The adult moles spend much time cleaning one another to keep the glands from plugging up. Ironically, there is some evidence of a water mole that evolved in the brutal conditions of the Thermomatria Hot Springs, but it is believed to be extinct. The evidence was some heavily sulferized which could not be subjected to any meaningful chemical tests.

Like many such Hot Springs, this was an important Urushiol ritual center.

Spelling Bee Information

Round: None

Phase: Preliminary Phase

Level: -