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Chupacabra Territory






Kymaerica [N; area B]


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From the Geographer-At-Large

The legendary benches of Stekcenne, site of the Threads of Memory marker. These are of course precise… instagram.com/p/2_n6waKH1G/


A few more pictures from Wonogiri . . .

2 days ago

I posted a new photo to Facebook fb.me/7uKaJBcr2

2 days ago

@kcym mentions

@kcym I definitely will continue exploring, thanks!

Helen Young 2 days ago

@kcym ● Touring Africa overland in a vehicle. Read their story ▼ bit.ly/1FigpGz

Lene Gwinn 3 days ago


Current #Kcymaerxthaere construction site action to bring the underwater story to life in Les… instagram.com/p/265JZZKHyP/

Geographer-at-Large 3 days ago

Our other #Kcymaerxthaere marker La Plaza de la Luna in linear Spain in Madrid. It is the first… instagram.com/p/24gwTCKH0t/

Geographer-at-Large 4 days ago

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Tenth Annual KCY Spelling Bee 2015

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Join the Geographer-at-Large and the folks of Paris, IL and beyond for an annual spelling bee competition that celebrates the words from the parallel world. For a glossary list please write .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or you can pick one of from Teri's Threads starting in August! The Bee will start after the Parade in Paris, a part of the Honeybee Festival.

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Crystals of Refrain

Overview of the Crystals of Refrain Historic Site.



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Jihn Wranglikan

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On Sundays we go to tdgurtdg.


Kcy Mysterious Postcards


Over a dozen postcards (the precise number is revealed only to the participants), each featuring a different Kcymaerxthaere marker. Each card is stamped and postmarked from a post office near the featured plaque site on the card. Each card reveals new clues to help solve the kcy puzzle. Winner will receive a grand prize. (If you purchase this item, all past cards will be sent to bring you current to receive the next card.) We have a nice little group going on Flickr. People photograph the cards in many different surroundings.

Notice on the second photo here, you can see mysterious information on the back of the card. There is some on all the cards and they add up to a mystery and an answer.