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Tso!alᎧr (Gender Storms)




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Wonderful visit! fb.me/1M6aSw6zf

2 weeks ago

Simultaneous Geographies installation in Redmond, Washington. Tells the story of the young Kirguellin who slowly... fb.me/2fufpaGAL

3 weeks ago

Towards the Behlnajk, the story of the path to a most powerful monument. This Kcymaerxthaere marker installed for... fb.me/2o7IglULV

4 weeks ago

@kcym mentions

This serpentine bench pleases me. Taraval St. getting infrastructurally locavorian. @kcym #sf pic.twitter.com/04QyKDX4qE

Douglas Gorney 4 weeks ago

@samach_arq @kcym Le seguiré, hasta que me canse del tema :-)

Kike G. last month


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Kcymaerxthaere site dedication at Sonberk Winery in the Czech Republic

Event Info

Join the Geographer-at-Large as he dedicates new Kcymaerxthaere site Universe Farms at Sonberk Winery in the Czech Republic. This event is open to the public. The dedication will take place on Thursday, March 31st @ 3-8 p.m. with concert at 6 p.m.

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A Healing Palindrome

Aerial photo of the A Healing Palindrome installation.

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Wheel of Faith


WEAL uv FAY-th


Please DON’T Connect the Dots activity book (Book 1)


First volume copy of Please DON'T Connect the Dots, an activity book that inspires thinking and creativity by building on the stories from Kcymaerxthaere.