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kymaerica [N; area E]


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From the Geographer-At-Large

Neue (und alte) Bravenleavanne marker at the MALZFABRIK in linear Berlin, is right at the entrance to this... fb.me/ADAGjU3o

2 weeks ago

Work underway in Bali celebrating the life of Bala Qhova fb.me/9u3KFbkqR

3 weeks ago

A Gift from the Tehachapi, marker installed in linear Berlin . . . fb.me/6J7Qu7TSh

4 weeks ago

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@samach_arq @kcym Le seguiré, hasta que me canse del tema :-)

Kike G. 6 days ago

@kikeconkdekilo Demetrios tiene Twitter. Ahora está con temas lingüísticos. @kcym

Carlos Santamarina-Macho 6 days ago


Upcoming Event

Kcymaerxthaere site dedication at Sonberk Winery in the Czech Republic

Event Info

Join the Geographer-at-Large as he dedicates new Kcymaerxthaere site Universe Farms at Sonberk Winery in the Czech Republic. This event is open to the public. The dedication will take place on Thursday, March 31st @ 3-8 p.m. with concert at 6 p.m.

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Shóaf Kepl Poets

View of marker stone (number word inscription is on the distant stone)



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The name for those gwomes where words are numbers and numbers are words.

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Travel Guide Volume Six


Travel Guide Volume Six: Kcymaerxthaere (Discover Kymaerica & Parts of [Sambamba] Kymaerica)

Travel Guide Volume 6 is a practical guide to 23 Kcymaerxthaereal plaques and 2.5 Kcy Historical sites in linear North America. You'll learn fascinating facts about each one and get more of the fascinating history of the Tehachapi, The Parisian Diaspora and the Jihn Wranglikans among many, many others.

No Kcymaerxthaere library is complete without this book. PLUS it is beautiful to look at, a lot of fun and an excellent read.

Volume 6 was the first volume to be published in the linear world, recently followed by Volume 4.