SATGAN is an acronym for Sauwth Ayne True G_ds Aunly Nazhuin. If the words seem unfamiliar, you probably need to broaden your reading—the dialect is Jihn Wranglikan, spoken bymembers of the Jihn Wranglikan sect of the Church of the California Christ. Most famously seen in the Krblin Jihn Kabin in Notgeon near Joshua Tree.

Satgan is one of 3 nations that were formed from what used to be OTGON, , which stands for the One True Gods Only Nation. This nation once stretched West almost to the Ocean and East to the edge of aArizona and northwards to beyond Death Valley and South towards the Altabaja district. Otgon was a generally inward looking theocratic nation, but largely at peace and unified around the notion of strict adherence to the Church of the pCalifornia (the p is silent) Christ. Essentially, followers of this fundamentalist faith believe that the events of the Bible literally took place in the Kymaerican Southwestspecifically the deserts of pCalifornia.

They are able to marshall much physical and faithbased evidence around this belief. In fact, though their claims were once dismissed as ignorance, certain remarkable discoveries have forced scholars to weigh these claims more seriously. However, the specifics of this geography eventually tore apart the nation. In such a vast land, divisions began to develop between North and South, with partisans of each making more and more claims as to the true location of biblical sites. Southern OTGON became more and more conservative, since this is where many of the Biblical sites were originally deemed to be, to the point that a sect split off called the Wrd f Krist pKalifrnia, popularly known as the Jihn Wranglicans. Active in the South primarily, among other things they believed that the letters c and o were the most obscene letters in the alphabet and that they did not belong in a language spoken by Gods children. They developed their own dialectmantioned above, and soon most people in the South were speaking it

As the Wranglikan movement gained ground, a man whom history records as the Last Bishopricthe Bishop Morongodeclared that through revelation he had learned that, indeed, the Northerners were right, that historical Jerusalem was in fact NOT by the Salton Sea but by China Lake. Further, he militarized these sites in the name of security (and interestingly, even in linear California, many of the sites remain off-limits to civilians.) The Jihn Wranglikans declared war immediately.

The fighting lasted almost a generation. It is impossible to summarize the entire War, but suffice it to say that a small principality known as Ehdaybobo (literally river side in Yoruba) seized the opportunity to grasp land from the weakened OTGON and, in a real sense, seized the middle ground. This meant that the weakened North OTGON and South OTGON were separated without ever really signing a treaty, a fact which would greatly affect soldiers and others trapped behind enemy lines.

As a new order settled, 3 nations replaced the former OTGON: Notgeon (a corruption of Notgon), the Inland Empire (the successor state—after much internal strife—to Ehdaybobo, and Satgan (from Sauwth Ayne True G_ds Aunly Nazhuin) which also called itself, at times, the Imperium.

The situation was dire for combatants left behind. The ones in the Inland Empire were relatively fortunate—they were forcibly conscripted. Originally Notgeon planned mass executions, but did not want to create martyrs whose death would be a pretext for renewed hostilities. Of course, instead Notgeon created the Homesteadler program which lead to the building of all the cabins. (In Satgan, POWs were detained for another 10 years and then simply marched to the southern border and forced to fend for themselves).