nVigo is well known for the Crossroads of Kymaerica.  This small gwome was crossed by 15 East-West roads (or I should say the directions we now call East-West) and a dozen North-South ones before any of them physically intersected. 

Some believe that a highly sophisticated system of Time Guides may have been a factor (which could account in some ways for some of the aspects of Tehachapic development in neighboring Aedguerre) and other favor a theory that simply has to do with the absence of Time itself in the area.  nVigo is actually a term that means "Time comes to Earth,"which bolsters that theory.

But in any event, when the first 2 roads did cross, suddenly the others fell in to place and this, for a time, became a critical intersection of Kymaerican commerce.



Spelling Bee Information

Round: None

Phase: Preliminary Phase

Level: 3

Years: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012