The people who live in the gwome of Manhattaan [which is essentially contiguous with the island of Manhattan and itself quite similar to the linear borough known as Manhattan in NYC] are the Future Nation known as the Manhattaan (thus the name: Manhattan). The Manhattaan bought it from its previous inhabitants for 24 dollars to settle the last part of gambling debt incurred by Pieter van Amsterdaam. Most of the non-Future Nation population has moved out of the ground or entry-level structures, but the Monastery District remains arguably the most striking such district in all Kymaerica. They rise from the ecologically transformed ruins of the old cultures. Fruited plains with herds of deer and uintotremes.

When the chief of the Manhattaan took control, he vowed to respect the natives way of life, but through attrition and targetted neglect, the wildlife has returned. The old cultures’ roadways are still discernible but only (ironically) from the monasteries and just barely. The Algonquin Round Table casino is the only one still permitted—largely because of its seminal role in the transfer.