A minimalist helmet found outside Hardshell is the treasure of the Breathittt State museum. It was the preferred design of various armies operating in the area of present day Kentucky. BHowever, because Hardshell was the scene of fierce fighting between locals and the Vanguard of the Tehachapi, this has lead to speculation that this helmet might well have been worn by Nora Hawkes, the great General and Leader of San Francisco. She is known to have been conscripted into the armed forces of the Tehachapi. She also wrote in her memoirs of fighting in Centucky where her own helmet was knocked clear off her head. Grabbing a dead enemy’s helmet, she was nearly decapitated by her own regimental leader and lost the second helmet as well, fighting the rest of the battle bareheaded. NOTE: The Tehachapi were the great roadbuilding culture of Kymaerica, essentially establishing what we now call interstates (though usually just the breadth of 1 or 2 of our lanes). This vast network began in pCalifornia around the McKittirck and La Brea Tar Seeps but eventually spread to almost every other district as well, permitting spectacular feats of unmotorized wheeled ritual travel, particularly in mountain areas.



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