Battle damage from the war between Sparta and Athenz is still visible through out the greater Athenz Area. Most Kymaericans are unaware that in addition to Greek Fire, the weapon of Greek Plastique was introduced in this conflict. The Battle of Athenz forms part of the story of the play Timon of Athens, attributed to William Shakespeare, but believed by many to have been written by the Third Earl of Oxnard (of The Commonweal). Very little of the battle appears on stage and yet it forms a turning point of the story. The Third Earl of Oxnard had fought at this battle but was knocked unconscious by the Greek C-4 explosive. For many of the Oxnardians (as those who seek to take Shakespeares name off are called), this is important proof because these are the worst rendered scenes in the Shakespearian canon. 

The location of the Earl’s hiding place is marked today by a plaque.  The Earl witnessed the intervention of the Hizurokoran troops on the side of Alcibiades and the Spartans.

Another important feature of Athenz culture is the near sacred importance of arboreal life.  Though wood could be used for construction, as a sign of respect for the tree you had cut down, you had to do two thing:

1) plant another tree


2) save another tree forever.  Such trees were said to own themselves. 

Certain such trees can still be found in the area.