Tetek is a corruption of Te’te’pe’ kweguin, which means Floating on top of the water in Potawatomi.

The tOklahoma district is the home to 77 nations, many of whom have much in common with the people known in Linear Oklahoma as Native Americans. Many of these peoples are what are known in Kymaerica as the Future Nations. And a result, there are many sites in Kymaerica that bear names that have not yet been given, but will be, in the tongue of a Future Nation.

In the aOklahoma district, quite a few Future Nations banded together, attempting to reconcile the tension between their own disinterest in the notion of a geographic nation and their recognition that other people with whom they share Kymaerica insisted on precise demarcation. On an 11 year cycle, 7 Future Nations share the duty of policing the borders of the aOklahoma district from depredations from outsiders. After their tour, all the members of each nation go through a ritual that allows them to let go of the obsession with a particular place. As a result, few pictures exist of this area.

The t is silent.


“t” is silent

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