sDakata is named after the nation Klezsmr Dkata which is one of the few to have prevented the Bar Sinister from establishing any base at all. The s stands for Sarke, which means Mirror in Georgian. This may be a reflection of the ancient territorial ambitions of the Inland empire—but no one knows for sure.

An arrangement of rocks known as Sarken Neglen Videtst or Mirror and Shadow Touching is manmade, but of unknown age, and forms the border of present day nDakotaskal and sDakata. In Kymerican tradition, this straight line hundreds of miles long formed the exact center of a ghostly 5 mile wide demilitarized zone. This is unusual because Kymaerican Districts are essentially geographic and very rarely have sufficient political unity to face off militarily in any way—this is a mystery still unresolved.

Though the two districts have similar names, the roots are quite different. Dakotaskal may be a corruption of the name of a Future Nation which will be prevalent in the district. This would make sense because the n stand for Neglo, which means Shadow in Celtic.



Spelling Bee Information



Phase: Preliminary Phase

Level: 1

Years: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012