Though visitors to present-day linear Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah marvel over the beautiful canyons carved by rivers and other elements, what is difficult to imagine is that in Another time, the 90% of these states had similar formation, resembling nothing so much as a giant sponge. Some of the people of this land believed that every hole or depression in the ground is NOT a hole in the ground, but a hill in the sky—and that we are actually walking upside down in the sky, not rightside up on the earth.

For example, legend has it that when the priests of present-day La Paz County (La Paz is short for La Paz da Muerte or Peace of the Dead) were defeated and then slaughtered after challenging members of the Inland Empire coalition, a great sandstorm swept through these districts, lasting decades, but gradually removing most of these canyons from the surface. What we see today are mere artifacts of the greatest ones. Though others have been preserved in the drawings of Shoji Boyd, Running Mole Greenlee and others.

The first a is silent.

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