Kmpass is the Urgend God of Directionality--the one who is always trying to make the world too simple. He lives in the Faltese, the underwater desert off the coast of what we call Namibia--where the ocean floor is so hot the water has boiled away leaving only a thin layer at the surface.

Kmpass hates islands-- islands can be unique and different universes. When he finds such a world he rolls it up between his fingers into a grain of sand and tosses it in the desert where it will be lost.

A generation of generations ago, there were some beautiful islands in one of the coldest parts of the ocean. The people there had their own language and things that seemed magic--like houses that floated. And they had a special relationship with the wonderful creature called a Water Mole that can dig tunnels in the water. The Water Mole secretes a strange substance that hardens on contact with water--the colder the water the harder the shell of the tunnel.

One day Kmpass destroyed these beautiful islands and rolled them up into grains of sand and tossed them into the desert lands near the Faltese

A young man named Kirguellin was the only survivor. He survived because he was in the tunnel of a water mole

Kerguellin vowed revenge, but he also knew that revenge was the work of Kmpass--because it makes you think too simply.

After some time, Kmpass started kidnapping people and creatures around the world. He wanted to provoke a battle where he would destroy the richness of the world which was its complexity. Everyone would have to come to the Faltese to fight him, and when they did, he would defeat them all. All would be one--and all would be his.

Kirguellin traveled and traveled, hearing more and more stories of these kidnappings and trying to make sense of them. He used the meat of the gnacien (only the legs 2, 3, 5, and 7, of course) so he could travel very light. Patiently he layered his world with understanding and connection. Finally he was ready.

Kirguellin invited peoples and creatures from all the gwomes (a word meaning something like a nation) to a vast natural amphitheater near what we call Penduka in linear Namibia. All the people and creatures--many who would usually fight among themselves--were gathered together for a common purpose. Kirguellin had travelled almost all the degrees of the Ferylemt (a quality of existence as different from Time and Space as they are from each other) to reach his new allies in preparation for the conflict that was about to commence: The Battle of Some Times.

Kmpass savored this moment--the one where all the worlds of the world would be delivered to him.

Several days march from the coast, the Armies of Complexity cheered as their leader stood atop the rim of the amphitheater and spoke. Every kidnapping would answered for, every lost universe restored, and Kmpass would be humbled. It was more than a speech, it was a matrix of action unleashed.

And it did not disappoint, nor did it deceive with promised ease, nor did it simply inspire, but it did compel and demand the Armies of Complexity to follow Kirguellin to march towards the Faltese to save the richness of the world.

If and how they prevailed? That, dear friends, is another story . . .

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