Installed about 20 miles southeast of linear Deming, New Mexico, United States.

gNew Mexico

Dedication Date

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Linear Location

About 20 miles southeast of Deming, New Mexico

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 32° 04' 42.93"
longitude: W 107° 29' 58.29"


Download the Placefinder Card for this marker—it's in triplicate—and then print it out, preferably on card stock (cool color paper welcome!). Just cut the papers into threes (there are printed marks to assist you with this) and distribute the cards to information racks in the area. (And, of course, post some pictures and tag us!)


This plaque is also part of a Kcymaerxthaere Historical Site known as Faltese (Pomzhirl) Impact Crater. But to focus on the story on the plaque itself, it reminds us how fungible perception really is and how we rely--and especially in Kcymaerxthaere this is quite unwarranted-- on the assumption that other folks basically perceive the physical environment as we do. The story of the Chej Asos always reminds me of that.


About 1/2 a mile west of County Road B047, on Savota Road (actually, it may be Gaviota--but it says Savota on Google Maps). We recommend you take a right on Palo Alto from B047 and then go down the unnamed fenceline road to Savota

Public Dedication

None as yet