Kymaerica [N; area B]


Kymaerica [N] is the lands and some waters quite similar to what we call linear North America, not exactly, but pretty close.  Area B is one subset.

Because, by the accident of the Geographer-at-Large’s birthplace, so much research has been done in the single rezhn of Kymaerica [N], we have divvied it up into 5 sub-areas for the purpose of this site.  Kcymaerxthaeres would not have recognized these specific divisions. 

Area C in the linear world would be: what we call Northern California and most of the West, west of Texas

Note on nomenclature: Though people in the linear world sometime refer to this as “Kymaerica”, people at the times of Kcymaerxthaere referred to it, Kymaerica [S] and [Sarkassum] Kymaerica as “Kymaerica”—apparently without distinction. But, in fact, all simply knew the difference. This was out of respect to the fact denizens of all three rejected the notion that theirs was some sort of junior subset.  Interestingly, those of [Gallywyx], Unguscka, Ksycktamrkti and [pSambamsa Bdfadk], which, to a linear eye, appear to touch on the same general areas, preferred not to be lumped together as Kymaericans.

Linear Definition

In the linear US, Northern California and its coastal districts, plus what we call Utah, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

Spelling Bee Information

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Phase: Preliminary Phase

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