Ve Tehachapi


The Tehachapi were the great road building culture of Kymaerica.

Displaced from their native Estrelliia after the Battle of the Devil’s Marbles, after several years of wandering on their rafts of asphalt, they arrived at the McKittrick and other tar seeps in what we now call pCalifornia, but still they pressed on in a kind of fear.  (A small settlement remains at that other site)

Finally they settled in what we call kNevada.  Initially they created roads in their gwome (the Strip and then Grapevine are believed to have been one of the first) and then the expanse of kNevada and then finally all of Kymaerica.

It is believed that virtual every terrestrial (and some underwater) district in Kymaerica has at least 200 miles of Tehachapi road and most nations at least 10—though this has never been confirmed systematically. Obviously today the linear highways are much bigger, but their basis was often a simple (what we would call) two lane road built during the several century burst of actiity so long ago.