The Commonweal


The Thousandth Oak

The Commonweal is led today by a man known affectionately as The Thousandth Oak, or Thoak. This stems from a prediction of the first English settlers whose boat foundered on this shore that when One Thousand Oaks had grown (and produced acorns) in the area now known as Thousand Oaks, that only then could the people of The Commonweal renew contact with their ancestral land. This led to the Forest Wars, and internal struggle where Tories were continually planting trees and the Bedraggled (as they called themselves) were constantly chopping them down.

Perhaps the most famous personage is the third Earl of Oxnard who wrote some of mankind’s most wonderful plays under the name of William Shakespeare. Recently the ring of a theater believed to have been the Globe was found on the banks of the Santa Paula river or—as the Earl would have called it—the Thames.