The Berkshires


One of the most famous religious icons in nMass can be seen in an Ashley Falls churchyard in The Berkshires. It is known as the Ashley Broken Cross. It is thought by some to represent the Easternmost reach of the Church of the California Christ, whose members contend that the events of the Bible took place in the deserts of pCalifornia. But the sect has relatively few followers there, most are in a few nations of eIowa.

Pilgrims from Davenpor, Muscatene and Wapello can often be seen contemplating the cross in reverent silence. Interestingly, none of these (or any) pilgrims ever traveled to the Atlantic Ocean—which the original evangelists never reached either.The competing theory is says that it was intended for the churchyard where it was found: Blessed Lady of the Horizontal Cross. This was originally a sect in the Jihn Wranglican (Orthodox), but, a split occured after a follower of Jihn Ishcrift vandalized the cross, causing the damage you see here. Though now unattached, the broken pieces have never moved no matter the weather—for believers of both sects a powerful affirmation of faith.

In a small area near here, Jihn Wranglikan is still spoken, but mostly by the older residents.