Home of the Clurralurrudur, a bridge like structure that spans an entire canyon in the Blue Ridge Mountains not far from this site. Five miles long, 700 yards wide and made entirely of wood, including a perfectly polished hardwood floor, it was the largest venue for playing Ralurrud—the bocce ball like game played on a perfectly flat vast polished wooden surface. The most skilled players can hslurl (a kind of throw/slide) a ball over 4 miles.An unprepossessing building in Sylva was the site of a 1:103 scale model of the Clurrulurrudur. Over 45,000 trees were cut down in the process of building the Clurralurrudur and a dozen 500 year old Black Oaks were used just to make the model. The model itself was believed to have been seized by a wealthy nCarolingian during a brief period of anarchy. The Clurralurrudurs precise location is a closely guarded secret today in nCarolina. Interestingly, in the Linear Carolinas, this approximate area is the center of a thriving business for destination sports bars.