Some History of Sutter Nation
from Hu-Bob, official historian of the Sutter Nation

The story of Sutter County is very odd and long. The founding people came from the Sutter Buttes. They were called Ogga Bogga men and they ruled Sutter because there was nobody to resist them.

Then some of them began evolving. They kept some of the Ogga Bogga men characteristics: like they fact they could blend in with anything; the fact that they were short; and the fact that they lived for a long time (among other things). But though they got smarter, they were less able to control the magic that they had. They couldn’t summon stars and planets.

Since then the Ogga Bogga men and the Bogga Logga people have been constantly fighting each other. One of the new things the Bogga Logga could do was talk to the animals and shape shift some. In the city of the Bogga Logga, there were the people that concentrated on the shape shifting and the animals. There were also the ones that learned magic along side of the ones that used the things that the people who concentrated on science created: like swords, beam sabers and that stuff.

The civalain ones and the people of science all live in HUGE stone towers surrounded by huts and then walls (there are often 3 walls). The huts are for animals, aprrentices and storage. The Ogga Bogga learn magic or swords, bows, lances, clubs (a favorite of both sides) and unarmed combat as well as traditional civalain skills. The Ogga Bogga live in stone huts with large under ground rooms and passage ways.