Stoan Mountin


After being excluded from the Arrowhead Confederation, the people of Decatur declared war on the Confederation and their armies, under General Bainbridge, were soundly defeated in the Battle of Lilburn. Bainbridge and others fled Decatur and created a new nation called New Decatur in the south of sGeorgia. Over the centuries, the Decatur story became less important to the people and they began referring to the nation by the ancient, pre-Cognate decision making body known as the DeCalb. But slowly the DeCalb became marginalized as the people began to feel that their identity was far more connected to the dramatic geologic feature: Stoan MountinBut at some point (and the chronology is not completely clear), they were visited by the Tehachapi. In fact, on the slopes of Stone Mountain (as it is known linearly) one can still see a remnant of a roadway built by the Tehachapi several centuries ago. The interface of asphalt and granite was a constant battle for even the wisest of the Tehachapi engineers. The original plan was to create a full Skating of the Vine tournament site, but in the end this had to be abandoned for a more humble long ride facility.Today, in the linear world, we take the achievements of the Tehachapi for granted but, using far more primitive technology, they basically laid the groundwork of our own linear Interstate Highway system. In Kymaerica, their network is still evolving. Though the great roadbuilding era is over, the Tehachapi are constantly improving their roads, making it possible for bands of young Tehachapi Phaltriders (skateboarders) to travel from district to district taking amazing rides miles in length. The particular starting point on Stoan Mountain was intended to permit a member of an Obsidian Cru (named for the obsidian wheels favored by some) to ride all the way to downtown Marthaville near Atalanta.