At one point, virtually every district in Kymaerica had a Trinity nation—what is now Skelvyn bore the name of Trinity. The Trinitites believed in a fairly fundamentalist interpretation of the non-pCalifornian Bible. As the population grew and democratic structures became necessary for decision making, the green glassy eyed Primite (or leader of the church), insisted that members could only vote for Jesus Christ. Indeed they insisted that he must be the write in candidate for every position in the nation. Gridlock set in as they Trinitites awaited the coming of Jesus for Controller, Premier, and Vice-Premier.

Finally, many of the Trinitites were driven out and they dispersed into various parts of Kymaerica. The largest gathering remains the final Trinity nation in pTejas. There remains a solid, but quieter Trinitite community today in Skelvyn, but most of the governing class comes from what is known as the Trinity Villages (a name given to them by Earl Frontage who respected such men and women as Lara Salyer and Ernesto “Denny” Kennedy).