Every major media corporation in Kymaerica has a secret headquarters at the foot of Mt. Shaastaa. It is here that they are able to co-ordinate their lockstep coverage of the news of the world in such a way that it serves them and their master/partners such as the Inland Empire, the Bar Sinister and others.

The monument depicting a single human arm is known simply as Defiance. It is well-known to any visitor to the Shaastaa nation, is a symbol of independent thought and the heroic attempts of an individual to rise above the waves of media pablum. Why then do the media powers of Shaastaa permit it? For the same reason they prefer celebrities who are liberals, it allows them to complain that liberal forces are on the ascendancy, when in fact the message the Shaastaa Confederacy permits is conservative and even reactionary. This monument allows the Mediaforces (even those founded by the Wilburforces) to claim they permit dissent.