A culture whose rich heritage centered largely on the natural beauty and resources of Puget Sound. 

They were protected from land invasion by the widely known curse first articulated by the Fortune Tellers of Acadian, which basically predicted that to invade Sciattle by land would invite a molten scourge to anyone who abetted it.  This had the interesting effect of preventing the Sciattle’s neighbours from permitting an invasion, meaning any attacking army would have to defeat Sciattle’s effective allies as well.

The beautiful bridge/roadway known as the Vendgeful Maydenne (from the false cognate  for "the dancing ribbon) floated across Puget Sound and directly into the heart of Seattle, the capital city (roguhly near Post Alley and the market).  At first, the people of Sciattle feared the vulnerability (despite the traditional proscriptions against wartime use of Tehachapi roads), but when the first rogue army from the north attempted entry, the leaders of Sciattle’s defenses simply ordered the marching bands to set up a harmonic frequenct which effectively bounced the troops into the ocean—a fact known to every school kid and celebrated each year.