San Anselmeaux


Originally settled by a race of rabid but confused skiers from the Chamonix region of Gunnison gwome in pColorado, it now is home to their descendants who, as the joke goes, either evolved or devolved into essentially weightless and massless magnetic particles.

The physics of this area is fascinating to explore, because, although the majority of particles are traditionally magnetic (North/South; Up/Down—or whatever).  Some have polypolarity (360 degrees [and actually more] of possible direction) and still others hyperpolypolarity (every direction in the x, y and z axes).  There are even clouds of Order 2 and Order 3 hyperpolypolarity.  Order 2 adds the variable of time to the directionality of the magnetic field and Order 3 adds the dimension of sleid to the directionality.

What is interesting that each tier requires a certain balance so that the net effect is zero.  There can, however, be localized distortions during upwellings, storms and other phenomena.  These distortions can easily weaken even sturdy steel hulls.