Greater Mar Vista


An island of (some) reason to the west of the Racial Junta of Alleigh, it’s population has been depleted by the number of citizens running for Gubernor.

Greater Mar Vista was orignally kind of a refugee community. They perched on the rocky heights of Mar Vista, where the Lesser Parasitic Forest (which covered most of the gwome) was less dense but still offered some protection from Angeleno forces.

Even the most territorially ambitious members of the Racial Junta which controlled Alleigh generally considered this area unusable because of the toxic power of the trees in the Forest, which thrived under the marine layer.

Greater Mar Vista’s traditions of tolerance and equity began in the crucible of this adversity. The rocky heights also offered a far less dense area of the forest, which offered a place to build homes. As time went on and the forest withered away, leaving only places like the Kulver Glade and the like, many of the traditions did as well.