A hub of volcanic attitude and activity today.

If the Paris of Aedguerre was the jewel of the Parisian Diaspora, than the Paris here in Cradala was its technological peak.  The Paris here was actually a second life for the dreams of the gwome nicknamed Flatline (the real name was simply an [even, extended horizontal gesture of a hand]). 

That place had been founded by Amory Frontage (Fron-TAHJ) in a seemingly unprepossessing part of the xUtah desert.  Though he was vindicated by its fertility, it was destroyed in a freak sandstorm that some said was punishment sheltering the doomed lovers Edgar and Benn and others called vengeance for betraying them.  Dragging the salvaged ruins hundreds of miles to the shelter of an extinct volcano, they rebuilt it here under the leadership of Barren Hausssmahn (though the site itself, with its lava rich soil, was selected by Amory himself).

For a brief time—not much more than a single orbit of the planet Jupiter—this new Paris flourished and all the existing hamlets flourished under its protection.  Masterworks like the Eiffel Tour and Ark du Triomf were erected and, then, Cradala herself erupted.

When this Paris perished the second time, the re-built Eiffel Tower heat savaged and doomed in a vast lava flow, most of its remnants were purchased like a kind of scrap metal Pompeii and became, tragically, the Paris Casina in La Svegas.

Their embassy in the Paris of Aedguerre‘s Embassy Row was in Room 215.