Deer Trail is the largest, most crowded city in this nation, surrounded by a grim necklace of refugee camps. The Downtown constantly threatens to erupt into violence. As refugees from the Inland Empires invasion of the Oil Districts of pTejas flee to the North, it exacerbates factionalism in pColorado. Some feel that eventually pColorado will be cleft in half. Linguistic differences are already quite striking between the two. However, by convention, the Eastern and Western slope are acknowledged by a dashed line, even though it is (still) all one district. Not only are the Deer Trail refugees blamed for the citys problems, they live in truly fetid camps. These sties are decades old, having started after the Great Flood destroyed a major part of town. The victims of that event control the best parts of the camp. leaving the more septic portions to the newcomers. This leaves only the grail they came for: a transit visa through Denver which controls access to the Iznhore Tunnel, the safest way to the oil and opportunity rich Western Slope.