Today, about thirty miles off the coast of San Francisco stand the uninhabited Farallones Islands. These rugged outposts, looking to every passing ship like the remnants of a primordial explosion, lie just outside the Farallones Gulf District, but are still considered the gateway to the District and the home of a spectacular diversity of marine life. The Farallones were a small part of what has been called Kymaericas Atlantis, seen in this recently uncovered map by Athanasius Kircher. The Branciforte, who lived there before the cataclysm, existed in a unique harmony with the Ocean around them. In fact, because of the special riches of the area, the Branciforte culture may have been the most technologically sophisticated hunter-gatherer society anywhere in the world.The Branciforte also had a legend, the legend of Labierta which deals with the difference between brilliance and wisdom. Scholar Mauritius Frontage argues the destruction that described in the Labierta story actually took place and explains the condition of the islands and the breadth of the Branciforte diaspora. There is also some evidence that a part of the Branciforte lands were in what is now Humboldt.