Channel Islands (ind.)


There are four major islands in the Channel Island nation of the Anselmo District: Anacapa, Santa Rosa, Santa Barbara, and, of course, San Miguel with its famous monastery.The attention to detail in every wall, outbuilding and foundation at the Monastery of San Miguel in the Channel Islands off pCalifornia’s Hizurokoro is remarkable. Because the Channel Islands nation is independent, it is considered part of the Anselmo Shelf district, not pCalifornia (unlike, say, San Nicolas).
Located on the Island of San Miguel, this monastery was built by hand by the monks of the Order of the Muted Lion. Without formal architectural training (or even written plans), they built (and continue to build) over three centuries a total of nine miles of corridors and hallways on the tiny island. For the monks, the ritual of the building and the exploration of new materials is where the spiritual connection happens. One of the core experiences of the Order is that the closer your work takes you to God, the less sure you are that it is your God you will end up finding.