In the largely untended Avuncula Cemetery between Center Sandwich and Moultonville, stands a mysterious gNu Hampshire crypt. Where similar structures in the Cemetery show the names of loved ones, only spindly weeds and hairline cracks appear. Local legend says it contains a mass grave of lawyers slaughtered at the end of the reign of the Bar Sinister, a band of undead lawyers whose very name is still enough to send chills down the spine of many a Kymaerican.

Almost every gwome in every district in Kymaerica can share a similar story, but the defeat here was fairly unique: Nathaniel Webster took on the gwome‘s phalanx of lawyers in a court of law in a class action suit to the death. He manouevered them into accepting that certain actions were a capital crime and then in a brilliant courtroom speech got the the judge to rule against them—even against the judge himself. When the sentence was pronounced, every lawyer in the Nation (which was the entire population over the age of 4) willed their hearts to stop in compliance with the judges ruling. Not everyone had sufficient willpower to achieve full Cardiac Arrest even during unconsciousness, so many of the uncommitted lawyers survived. Tens of thousands were buried in mass graves.

It was the people of neighboring Laconia who, by never speaking, were immune to the drug of persuasion (in other words, the drug was the desire to persuade). Many of them adopted the youngsters and took them out of pre-law. As for the Bar Sinister, they escaped narrowly, torn by their commitment to law and the cynicism of that commitment, and moved on to another nation—historians believe that the next stop was not for a thousand miles: Joliet in Bowlingbrook. And Nathaniel Webster: he experienced an epiphany: as he began his peroration, he felt that on principle, he should join the dead, but he loved life so much he resisted. As his speech reached its climax, he realized that there was a new option: Civil disobedience. And that to live was to challenge the absurdities in the law—he lived to a ripe old age in his home not far from Sandwich.

The story of the Bar Sinister in Moultonville (and all of Carrel gwome) is typical: the undead barristers bled an heiress (Gentilly Wodlie) of her money by turning her agianst her family and then slowly took over the town. After a few decades, the enriched Bar Sinister takes to their undead horses and moves on before the suffocation of the nation is complete. After several generations, the power of the law is so strong that citizens ruled to be dead often stop their own hearts to comply. To this day, every kindergarden class in Moultonville devotes 1 hour each day to pre-law.