The monuments to the war dead of Shaastaa in foreign soil are routinely defiled in certain areas of present day aIdaho. In fact, in the Calmas nation, the populace is still bitterly divided between the living and the dead. The moment a person dies, they are ritually accused of complicity in all the evils afflicting their family. Because the war dead of Shaastaa have no local family, the Calmans believe they have the right, even the obligation, to savage these dead people for the sins of their nation in spreading drivel and homogenousness through their media organs.The Shaastaa Nation takes its name from the great mountain of the same name in Northern California. By a peculiar convergence of social and geographic forces, the slopes of the great mountain and the surrounding areas are perfect for the broadcast of crude signals of sameness. In the same way that 90% of pTejass Silkworrm Paste crop is produced in a few small nations in the Hill Country, all of Kymaericas Media empires had their start in Shaastaa. The soldiers killed here were attempting to set up a cell phone tower when they were ambushed.