The Great Plasma Screen of Meridien is an extraordinary thing to come upon while driving on a lonely pTejas highway. Built by the Bosques at the dawn of the communication age and then lost to history, it has recently become a treasured part of Bosque folklore and pride and only recently revealed to select outsiders, including this researcher. Most of the time, the screen simply shows an image of the Bosque land before the Bosque arrived, but other times (as seen here) it shows images that have been passed down from generation to generation, encoded in through an elaborate system of differentiated notches, usually recorded on pecan shells. The Bosque were brought from aAlabama by the Itasca who once controlled the land that is now Itasca Nation and the Bosque nation. The Bosque actually used the screen to lull the Itasca overseers as they plotted their freedom.