Nowhere in Kymaerica is the oceans relation ot the land more rugged than in the Humboldt shelf. And off shore the Humboldt is even less forgiving. Truly, very little is known. No creatures visit from this world, and researchers rarely return—or if they do, they are unable to speak. Fisherman try to avoid it, or they have made a pact with some unknown force not to share the secrets, not with their wives, not on their death beds.In this lonely patch of ocean a photograph was taken depicting a square of light upon the ocean. It has become one of the few things outsiders know, that it can be seen annually (though it has only photographed once to this researchers knowledge): a square on the water, photographer unknown, precise camera position unknown. After the tenth full moon of the year, when the Sun is angling into sea in the late afternoon, for a few days this pattern can be seen. Some believe it is an optical illusion caused by the plane of Flatland entering the Ocean (a cryptic reference in Abbotts memoirs suggest that this could be the case).