The Story of Eliala Mei-Ning

Eliala Mei-Ning had a voice that was so beautiful it could not be concealed. And this was ordinarily only a very good thing.

But one day she was walking home from singing at her favorite place when she witnessed the murder of a man named Li Thaat. Li Thaat was killed by the Puhnee--a terrible group of people. Eliala Mei-Ning was the only witness. This made her very dangerous.

The local authorities put her in a house to keep her safe. As she waited, she was bored and so she started to sing. Her voice drifted out the window and when people heard the voice, they knew it could only be her. And when the Puhnee heard people talking, they knew where she was and they went to kill her. So she had to move.

She was taken to a new place. This time it was a tall tower. The same thing happened: she started to sing, people heard her, and the Puhnee found out about her location and came after her.

It happened again and again

By now, it was it was time for the trial, but the Puhnee were defended by the Bar Sinister--a band of undead lawyers who travel the world on horseback helping guilty people get acquitted. So the Puhnee were not punished.

Now Eliala was really in danger.

She was taken to a small town in what we would call Montana. She told herself not to sing, but as she stood in an alley outside a Jihn Wranglikan church, she found herself singing along with the choir.

And so she had to move again.

Finally, she asked the authorities to take her to a place with terrible storms. She thought she would only sing during terrible storms when no one could hear. That would make it safe.

But her voice was so beautiful that it calmed the ocean itself. A fisherman on a tiny boat was able to make it to safety and he told everyone about the beautiful voice he had heard. Everyone knew it was Eliala--and the Puhnee came for her again.

It was at this point that Eliala accepted her fate: her beautiful gift came with a price. When she expressed her true self, she would becomes refugee once more.

So she told the authorities she was alright and it was time to take care of herself. And once she accepted that, she was content and traveled the world through its many dimensions--only singing when she was ready to move on.

Interestingly, the path she traveled was that of a Kcymaerxthaereal spiral--which is why, in some cultures when she is drawn, she is drawn with one spiral somewhere on the page.

And one day, she saved the world--but that is another story.

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