The Story of the Jihn Wranglikans

ABAUT THEE KMPASS (in Jihn Wranglikan)



[Visitrs: this panel will be partikularly diffikult t’ read if yu suru nt understand the dialekt ur the mathematiks. Please knsult thee translaishinn utside .]

Mst aumstedler kabins had a Jihn Wranglikan 10 pauynt kmpass smwhere inside. Sutdg kmpasses were kritikal t’ thee Wranglikan rituals and praktises. All devawt Jihn Wranglikans knsulted theirs regularly. Hauever, it was unusual (but nt unheard uv) fr a haum’s kmpass t’ be karved intier thee flr. This tells us smthing abaut Krblin Jihn’s stature in bth his auwn and thee Ntgen kmmunity.

Lking klsely at thee kmpass, we learn a great deal abaut thee kulture whidg perduused it.

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