Amory Frontage and the Parisian Diaspora

Amory Frontage and the Parisian Diaspora

Anyone who has spent time with a map of the rezhn known as Kymaerica can’t help but notice the extraordinary number of communities called Paris. In the linear world there are about 18 and in Kymaerican times there were dozens more, plus innumerable other landmarks bearing the name. But the Paris you are visiting now, the capital of Aedguerre, was the Jewel in the Crown of the Parisian Diaspora and, as such, was the leader of the FTLP, or Fraternitee des tous les Paris—the organization of all the gwomes of which Paris was the capital.

Amory Frontage (pronounced fron-TAHJ) is the individual most responsible for the remarkable number of Parises that are scattered across our continent. In his time, he was a legend for his committed roaming from district to district in search of still more productive lands to bring under the plow. He never considered himself an adventurer, but rather a man whose task was to plant seeds for others to tend.

We do not know much about Amory Frontage’s youth, but he was almost certainly the sixth of eleven brothers born on a small farmstead on the Plains of Abraham (near linear Montreal). Many scholars believe that growing up by the great seaway of the Sante Lawrence River was critical to his development, because he and his family encountered people , organisms, and languages from many different gwomes.

Young Amory became enamored of the dialect that today we call Parisian because, although it was spoken by only a small group of people, that group included a neighbor, the great astronomer Charles Messier. One cold clear winter night, Messier showed him the beautiful constellation familiar to us as the Pleiades. Messier called it Emmeu Quatrixieme Cinq—in the Cognate that means roughly “M45” and in the False Cognate it means “the growing family.” Though that constellation would figure prominently in Amory’s life and the lives of those he lead, it was not until he came to the Paris,of Aedguerre that he found the connection.

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