Shóaf Kepl Poets

Text of The Marker Stone

That well known drinking toast--and Cognate term for bards of the short form--had its origins right here in this gwome (a Cognate word meaning "footprint of a nation"). In fact, "Shóaf", "Kepl", and "Poets" are the sounds meaning the numbers 14, 11 and 48 in the language of this place (written with their characters as X , Y , and WZ ) This tongue was of a type known as a 158: where numbers were words and words were numbers; where authors wrote equations and accountants scribed pages and pages of text to achieve the most simple addition. Importantly, while symbol and sound could convey meaning, it was in the count that real meaning ultimately lived. In this specific 158, 14-ness (so, 14 of anything: pebbles, claps, clouds--what have you) meant “good health,” 11 such things was “South,” and 48 added up to “the spirit of my thought.” Since the South was where the citizens of this place went to bear their children, this toast conferred good wishes on you and all your descendants. Not surprisingly, having a 158 as a native language made for a life of perception both quite literal and stunningly evocative, with myriad novels enmeshed in the nearly innumerable, and countlessly countable, stones of a single rocky beach.

X , Y , and WZ represent symbols which can be seen in the detail image on this page

修福 凱鮑 俳吟辭 (Shóaf Kepl Poets)

這句眾所皆知的敬酒詞 -- 日後在卡格內語中演變成「 短行吟唱詩人」之意 -- 起 先源於此「國畝」(卡格內語,意指「國境」)的所在地。「修福」、「凱鮑」,以及「俳 吟辭」正是此國畝當地方言「十四」、「十一」,「四十八」三個數字的發音(以此地文字書寫則 為 ( )。此方言隸屬一五八語系,特徵在於以數字為文、以文字計數。此地作家乃以數學 程式抒懷,會計師則用長篇累牘進行最簡易的加法運算。尤有甚者,縱使聲調與形符皆可表情達意,此方言的 精髓卻在唱籌量度之間。任意十四件事物(石塊、掌聲,雲朵等)意指『健康』、十一件代表『南方』,四十八加總 出『我的心神意念』。因此地居民慣常前往南方懷胎生子,這句敬酒詞傳達對飲者及其子孫的祝福。無庸置疑,一五八 語系的生活體驗不僅極其直觀尚且極致感性,一抹蜿蜒的礫灘無窮無盡的傾圮石堆,觸目可及,皆成琳瑯滿目的文卷詩篇 「 」。

The Shóaf Kepl Poets marker stone.

Text of the Shóaf Kepl Poets marker stone.

Detail shows the 158 writing system for the words: Shóaf Kepl Poets.