Shóaf Kepl Poets

Many of the stories of Kcymaerxthaere are the stories of languages and how some have even influence perception itself.

The Shóaf Kepl Poets installation is a perfect example. It offers a kind of interactive dictionary which allows you to decipher the inscription on the white marble--the story there and the experience of uncovering it, also gives you insight into the languages known as 158s, where words are numbers and numbers are words.

NB: The site is still undergoing some work--we have yet to lay in the gravel between the stones and the legibility of some of them needs to be improved.

Is that the proper spelling of Shóaf?

View of marker stone (number word inscription is on the distant stone)

Linear Location

Baihe, Taiwan

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 23° 18' 55.95"
longitude: E 120° 27' 20.58"


Send us photos of how the site is looking should you have a chance to visit.

Front view of Marker Stone (text can be read on page 2 of this section)


It is off the road from Baihe towards the temple complex.

Public Dedication

Final celebration ahead


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