More Than One Moon in the Sky

Text of the Marker: A Host of Roev mer c (& remaining installation piece)

A Host of Rœv mer c

Around this site and on this form, a Nyelvate word meaning rœv mer c (a secret intended to be happily shared, but not necessarily to all), are the initials of some of those who witnessed the 2017 eclipse from this site and this town—and other friends and family connected to these places.

(remaining installation piece)

The mass-less xthaedransg fluttered down, and Fafamyjac landed here, at one with the shadows. These joys were parting gifts of Fafamyjac and /œ/ to each other for their unexpected friendship, because a dark (and not the beautiful dark) prophecy was calling all the xthaedransg to action. And the two friends would be unlikely to fathom another moon together for a very long time—if ever again at all.