More Than One Moon in the Sky

Text of the Marker: Gateway to the Umbrasphaere

Gateway to the Umbrasphaere

The Umbrasphaere is the connection between the all the shadows and darkness in the worlds—the darkest part of one shadow is connected to the darkest part of the next. One can use it to travel quickly through the worlds and xthaere. There is great risk and there is great beauty in this path—some are lost forever into Space. One of the portals to the Umbrasphaere is said to be under the waters of Lake Boylen— but long since blocked by a great boulder, to keep the waters from leaking into the night sky. In Kcymaerxthaereal times, that portal was essential to this vast astronomical complex and the travels of the xthaedra. And, of course, a boulder could never stop xthaedransg.