More Than One Moon in the Sky

Text of the Marker: Some Words on This Land

Some Words on This Land

Kcymaerxthaereal times were and are quite different than ours, with different creatures and cultures and even different laws of physics (though we can intersect in certain ways—at times in places like this). There are many unique languages—like Nyelvate, first developed by biologically aquatic people. Because it is difficult to vocalize underwater, these folks learned to psycheform (create shape words in many dimensions with their minds). Over time a pidgin Nyelvate developed using just 2 or 3 dimensions. On the other side, find a modest dictionary:

= Jemvela Qualities of existence like Time, Space or Ferylemt (as different from Time and Space as they are from each other.) = A luminous textures of textures as it only appears on the lunar surface. = Smallest of the 4 inner moons of ___. Second one out. We call it Adrastea. = Vela/. The place where the dreams of imaginary creatures come to life. = Reflection = Commitment = Eclipse = Orbits = Roev mer c. A secret or confidence, easily and delightfully shared, but not necessarily with all. ( indicate the second half of the words is pronounced while inhaling. = Dayelix. A grouping of universes in the xthaere. Also a grouping of xthaeres in the universe. _____ Fifth planet from our Sun. We call it Jupiter. = The purest, happiest moment =Xthaedra, a creature with no metabolism or volume, only edges, angles, sides–and a gift of conversation. = Tenderness