More Than One Moon in the Sky

Text of the Marker: Qualities of Existence

Qualities of Existence

In our linear world, there are 69 known moons of Jupiter (as of the 2017 eclipse), but in the parallel world there are at least twice again as many—most of which don't even exist in Time or Space. Time and Space are the two jemvela (a cognate word meaning "a quality of existence") we know best from our linear world, but in Kcymaerxthaere there are more. Indeed, /œ/ and Fafamyjac, amongst the most skilled and experienced astronomers ever to practice here at Sem/ehகுvren, could well perceive a few dimensions of some jemvelac. Many moons travel through the quality of existence called ferylemt—sometimes erroneously thought of as the structure of Time because of the trails it leaves behind. But it was /oe/ who proved such traces are completely disconnected from the expressions of other jemvela ( ferylemt trails are why ghelyrns, massive dirigibles filled with water, are able to float up out of the ocean and float across continents). And Fafamyjac has danced on the moons that orbit through Lyhaedr, the realm of "the equivalent of light". And there are quite a few more jemvela which may yet yield their moons. As the Saqhaelin proverb goes: "Not all moons are round—or even found."