More Than One Moon in the Sky

Text of the Marker: Vinggscape Detail, Gateway to the Dayelix

Vinggscape Detail, Gateway to the Dayelix

For xthaedransg, having no metabolism and only edges and angles has great benefits—they pass through stone as easily fish through water, living in the Earth itself. Indeed, when they travel through air, they must be in contact with a small stone—they don't really "hold" it as much as persuade it by dimension to travel with them. Post lunar space travel also suited them well, and Fafamyjac would be one of the pioneers. As far back as is known, xthaedra regularly were taken to the moon by inhabiting shape words like the ones scattered here.

Yaarayehyay, the five and a half-winged birds that can fly through time and ferylemt, also collect Nyelvate shape words like the ones to build their nests and also to fulfill their vision by completing a puzzle on the Moon. A community of impish xthaedra there are constantly undoing the puzzle. And yet, the rather long life (by human standards) of a xthaedra is not care-free, because every generation lives in the shadow of near total sacrifice that must some day come in order for the community to continue.

As the great Astronomer /œ/ (pronounced zhezh) made many of the observations that covered this landscape, the xthaedra Fafamyjac watched him from underground and began to understand his work.