More Than One Moon in the Sky

Text of the Marker: Hoketay

The part of the story installed here:


Soon the xthaedra Fafamyjac was above ground—holding a small stone, of course—and, by using the xthaedral edges and angles to make Nyelvate words, conversing with /œ/ [pronounced ZHEHZH]. The two astronomers began a journey of exploration, where, cautiously at first, Fafamyjac used the gateway to the Umbrasphaere to enter the darkness of Space. It turned out the speed of darkness was even greater than the speed of light—especially when you were a creature made only of edges and angles. Soon Fafamyjac learned to let go of the stone briefly and travel further—to asteroids and any of Jupiter’s moons. Results all recorded in Sem/ehகுvren [pronounced sem-zhe-URV-renn]: A Journal of Heavens.

Next the duo discovered the rotu—the eclipse within an eclipse. They realized that if one traveled to a point in Space where the Moon blocked the Sun while other moons or objects blocked other stars, then that shadow was the tiniest bit darker and Fafamyjac could go a bit further. Relentlessly, discovery built on discovery, crossing dimensions and leading to the stuff of legend: the trip to the Nebula Bepela.

The story of this place would not be complete without the story of their most popular triumph: Hoketay, also known as shadow surfing, and named after a dimension that /œ/ and Fafamyjac discovered. In this dimension, a shadow has a very small force, a bit like gravitation, that can suspend in space a tiny mass—for example, that of a xthaedra holding a grain of sand. And, harnessed properly, this allows a xthaedra to travel through space with—and at the speed of—the shadow of the Moon.

And the greatest Hoketay of them all happened here. Knowing an eclipse was coming, they calculated that, during totality, all the moons of Jupiters would be eclipsing distant stars, making this a very powerful rotu indeed. Fafamyjac gathered 841 xthaedransg and, for an exhilarating year, they sped through Space, the solar wind in their segments, crooks and perimeters.

Eventually, shadow touched what we call the Earth, in much the same place as the 2017 eclipse, racing towards this spot. At just the right moment all the xthaedransg released their grains of sand, which burning on re-entry, delivered a meteor shower amidst the glorious darkness of eclipse. /œ/ closed his eyes to see its majesty and opened them to see its perfection.