Kehidupan Bala Qhova                                 (The Life of Bala Qhova)

Installed just offshore from linear Les Village, Bali, Indonesia.


Dedication Date

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Linear Location

Les Village, Bali, Indonesia

Linear Coordinates

latitude: S 8º 7' 58.0944"
longitude: E 115º 22' 38.9778"


This is a 2 part installation—the initial part of the story is installed and then we review how the structure is faring in the currents and all. The plan is that, based on what we learn, we install the other story stacks in July 2016


The marker is located just offshore Sagara Lestari, Les Village, Bali, Indonesia.

Public Dedication

The Blessing and Purification Ceremony was July 6, 2015


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