Embassy Row: Heart of the Parisian Diaspora

What is the Parisian Diaspora?

Strictly speaking, the Parisian Diaspora is made up of all of the descendants of all the people who traveled with Amory Frontage. in his quest for “good ground” across Kymaerica. In the main, that tends to mean all residents of the communities actually founded by Amory Frontage in his search.  Furthermore, in common parlance, it has come to mean anywhere the Parisian dialect survives with some vigor, so that includes a few offshoots of the original settlements—such as Pearce or Perry (pronounced pear-EE).

However,  at the time that this structure was in use, the Diaspora referred to a group of gwomes (the Cognate term that means “Footprint of the Nation”).  Most scholars say there were 16 gwomes with a Paris as the capital (this group is known as the FTLP.  All of those gwomes were represented in the original Embassy Row.  In addition, there are known to be 33 Parises which Amory Frontage founded on his original journey.  You can see their maps around the corridor later in your visit.  There were many other places which he visited, saw or named or that his people named in honor of the adventure.  The exhibit in room 210 – the original home of the Embassy of Millieu — gives some sense of their status in today’s linear world.

Room 210--former site of the embassy of—is today the Center for the Exhibit of the Parisian Diaspora Today. The map on display shows clearly the wide influence of Paris across Kymaerica, specifically areas that settled directly by Frontage or his descendants.