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Dedication Date

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

The Blue Room

Linear Location

Paris, IL

Linear Coordinates

latitude: N 39° 36' 41.9898"
longitude: W 87° 41' 40.9014"



This Kymaerican Historical Site is situated in Paris, iIllinois, the capital of Aedguerre. It is situated on the town square on the second floor of the old Woolworth's Building.

The address is 116 N. Main St and it is on the second floor--we'll get to how it got there in a bit. To get in, go two doors down to your right and go into Teri's Threads (they are open 10-6, 6 days a week; closed Sundays and Holidays) and tell them you wish to see the Heart of the Parisian Diaspora and they'll let you in.

The space is truly magic and visits at different times of day reward you with different light and effects. But the core of the experience is the opportunity to get a glimpse of the rich heritage of the Parisian Diaspora, the many towns and gwomes founded by Amory Frontage (pronounce fron-TAHJ) in his search for good fertile ground (known as "paris" in the cognate tongue).

Though he founded at least 30 towns and is credited with many other sites as well, the heart of the Parisian Diaspora were the 16 culturally Parisian gwomes that formed the FTLP (Fraternitee de Tout Les Paris). Aedguerre gwome [ITAL] (of which this Paris in iIllinois was the capital) was known as the Jewel and the Sword of the Parisian Diaspora, and tended to dominate the alliance. Each of the 16 gwomes [ITAL] had an embassy on this floor. It is important to note that Kymaerican embassies tended to be small because the generally small size of the gwomes [ITAL] in both land — or water —and population made it difficult for any gwomes [ITAL] to support more than a few permanent embassies at any one time. Many gwomes [ITAL] had no embassies at all.

In any event, this Embassy Row was the Heart of the Parisian Diaspora--it helped cement the cultural ties that so enriched each gwome and allowed a certain amount of collective action and being on the main square (across from the capital building--the present-day courthouse was built on the site) certainly did not hurt. However, all this was destroyed in the Certification Riots wherein the virtually the entire central part of Paris burned. In fact, only the second floor of this building survived, floating there abandoned for a long time until finally it was incorporated into the building that houses it today.

It is a rich history and we know you will enjoy your visit.

Be respectful of the site, and the hard work it takes to maintain it. Please do not go into any rooms that are roped off as the exhibits are fragile. You can see everything from the doorway.

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Room 202--the office of the Aedguerre—as it looks today. Near the time of the Certification Riots it was scoured by a deadly wind.


Access to this place can be obtained by going to Teri's Threads during their business hours. Teri's Threads is two doors down, also on the Town Square.

Teri's Threads
112 N. Main St
Paris, Illinois

Public Dedication

This Kymaerican Historical Site was dedicated April 22, 2006. It is at:

116 N. Main St
Paris, Illinois


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