A Healing Palindrome

Palindrome Shapes 15-19

Shape AA14.

AA14 -
(Inset: AA9 shape)—Nyelvate word meaning: furtive
(Inset: CC1 shape)—Nyelvate word meaning: what’s been here all along

Shape AA15.

AA15 - Nvelvate word meaning: strands of thought

Shape AA16.

AA16 - Nvelvate word meaning: waø\pres

And heal both Gevrian and the palindrome did, but afterwards he could only function in atmospheres. Still, though his family might never know, they would have been proud of his courage of another sort. And, though at the center of the reis p virelsj, he survived to know and cherish Culev Larsze--who ended that bloody chaos at great personal cost.

Shape AA17.

AA17 - Nvelvate word meaning: reflection

AA18 - Palindromes have special importance in all nyelvate languages because they help their words heal— important since many of those words have very sensitive feelings. And, as the words healed themselves, that healing energy helped others. So, in underwater cultures, it was common for families of those lost to the land to speak a palindrome, bruise it slightly, and let it be washed up near their loved one in hopes they might heal as well.

Shape AA18.