A Healing Palindrome

Palindrome Shapes 10-14

Shape AA9.

Impressed on AA9 is the following part of the story: (No Words)

Shape AA10 & AA11.

Impressed on AA10 is the following part of the story: A HEALING PALINDROME

A generation of generations ago, the seasonal flood waters that covered this field receded after a particularly devastating season. It was no surprise that forms like these were left behind.

Impressed on AA11 is the following part of the story: Nvelvate word meaning: Floating

Shape AA12.

Impressed on AA12 is the following part of the story: Nvelvate word meaning: Tenderness

Culev Larsze was a brilliant woman who was horrified by the terrible fighting known as the reis p virlesj. (We believe she may very well have learned about it from Gevrian Melam.) Culev thought that was very unfair that the gods were always using their superpowers to help their followers. So she tricked the Gods into no longer helping their believers. After she got her way, she only made one mistake—she smirked. The gods were angry and punished her by taking away her gift of language. She could not even talk to herself. Her curse would be over only when she spoke without words, to one without words. She wandered for years. Many people were kind to her, some were cruel. The leader of the Urushiol, in gratitude for what she did, gave her his most trusted sabertooth tiger as a companion and protector.

Shape AA13.

Impressed on AA13 is the following part of the story: Nvelvate word meaning: Inflammation in the joint of an xthaedra
ALSO: Something that readily slips out of place

(FROM ONE END): The shapes you see here represent the not yet healed nyelvate words that washed up with Gevrian—many believe they are on the very spots.

(FROM THE OTHER): Despite many different languages among marine biologically aquatic cultures, in flowing freshwater, all such cultures speak some form of beshwa nyelvate (admittedly with divers dialects). That unity was key to Iglesia Guiterrez' discovery that most rivers in the world connect to one another, but only in another jemvela (the general term for qualities of existence—like Time, Space, Ferylemt, [the feeling of being sheltered but quite exposed to a high wind] and others).