A Healing Palindrome

Palindrome Shapes 5-9

Shape AA4.

AA4 - Nyelvate word meaning: Jemvela

In fact, it was said his ancestors’ eyesight had been so good that they chose to live underwater because that cover of the water let them see nearer things--like the moons of Jupiter (which meant that their gwome was one of the few to use the Pejephen Calendar to find Time).

Shape AA5.

AA5 - (No definition)

for these were words from the shape language known as beshwa nyelvate, spoken by the underwater culture that lived in this river. What was more surprising is that a young boy named Gevrian Melam washed up here too. And, since he normally breathed underwater, his bereft family assumed he was lost for good.

Shape AA6.

AA6 - Nvelvate word meaning: The special water current that tickles the feet of a newborn baby

Gevrian and his family were of pSaqhaelin descent, a people most famous for their amazing vision. With the naked eye, they could see outside the solar system.

Shape AA7.

AA7 - Nyelvate word Meaning: to know when it is time

(FROM ONE SIDE): Pidgin languages simplify to allow communication without fluency. With Nyelvate languages, depending on the dialect, proper pronunciation might require the speaker to craft aspects of the shape in a dozen different dimensions at once. But, over time and ferylemt, many Nyelvate words began to be a very useful shorthand for certain ideas, so a pidgin shape language evolved using much fewer dimensions.

(FROM THE OTHER): Two dimensions only was rare, and yet even the approximate meanings of the shapes like the ones in this palindrome were eventually fairly clear--though inflection, verb tense and other such grammatical aspects could be quite elusive without each word’s full dimensional spectrum.

Story Shapes Placed by Kcymaerxthaere.com Eames Demetrios, Geographer-at-Large

Shape AA8.

AA8 - Nyelvate word meaning: Waters within Waters