A Healing Palindrome

Palindrome Shapes 1-4

Shape AA1.

AA1 - Nvelvate word meaning: [the feeling of being sheltered but quite exposed to a high wind]

It is well known that there is a profound difference between culturally aquatic peoples and biologically aquatic ones. Culturally aquatic people bring air underwater (usually through domesticating water moles and using their tunnels to bring air to the ocean, lake or river bottom). Biologically aquatic peoples, on the other hand, lived where oxygen vents so infused the water that one could breathe the water. But it was difficult to speak without air so, over time, they evolved the ability to telekinetically create shape words—involving many dimensions--with their minds that would appear in front of them in the water. Interestingly, though they had physical substance, nyelvate words were more like spoken words than written words, giving a beautiful personal quality to the word objects themselves.

Shape BB1.

BB1 - (No Words)

Shape AA2.

AA2 - Nyelvate word meaning: Family

As Gevrian recovered, he was found by a band of the nomadic warriors, the Urushiol, attracted by nearby hot springs, and legendary for the fierceness and scarification of their fighting and wedding rituals. They intended to make sport of the weak young man, but he defended himself so well, they took him away—not exactly kidnapping him, not exactly inviting him. Gevrian soon became their most fearless warrior, but as their fighting descended into something known as the reis p virlesj (or The Madness), the battle between those who believed in gods and those who believed in the worlds—disgusted, he refused to fight anymore.

AA3 - He was called a coward by some, but not for long, as he did not leave the battlefield. He would fearlessly go to the worst of the fighting to heal, to help —as stretcher bearer, as medic. And soon even the most headstrong and savage on both sides respected him. After the fiercest and bloodiest, it would seem impossible that he could survive—and yet he would emerge. He would not fight, but used his experience and vision to save himself and those in need. This went on for years. He did not bristle when people called it luck, but he always said he would know when it was time to stop. Indeed, it was at that point that his path would cross Culev Larsze’s.

Shape AA3.